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About The Chef


Chef Cindy Steinman

Cindy has been an enthusiastic cook since she has been tall enough to reach the stove.  After owning Windy City Bonsai and teaching for twelve years on Chicago's North Shore she decided to look to her passion of cooking for her next career.  She has always enjoyed entertaining and cooking for others.  Looking for a career in the food industry, but not wanting the hours of running  a restaurant, she did her research and found that Personal Cheffing was the perfect career for her.  With Cindy's training from the Culinary Business Academy and her affiliation with the United States Personal Chef Association she is taking the stress out of dinner and putting dinner back on the table.  Now, instead of the same old question of "What's for dinner?" it's answered by "Dinner's Ready"!

Phone: 847-710-1020
e-mail: dinnersready1@comcast.net