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Dinner's Ready Personal Chef Service

Chef Cindy Steinman
Serving Chicago's Gold Coast to the North Shore

Benefits of a Personal Chef Service

Grocery Shopping and Fresh Quality Ingredients:  On your service day, Dinner’s Ready will complete all of the shopping, selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, saving you trips to the grocery store for the coming weeks while you enjoy great tasting meals.

Easy to prepare and clean up meals: Dinner’s Ready offers a great selection of freshly prepared and packaged meals conveniently stored in your refrigerator and freezer.  The meals are easy to heat and prepare and even easy to clean up.  No more after dinner drudgery.

More free time:  No more worrying about “What’s for dinner?  No more shopping lists, parking lots, checkout lines and unloading groceries.

What is a Personal Chef Service?
A personal chef is your answer to providing you with great tasting, healthy, affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking.  Think of it as your own personalized in-home cooking service.  On a scheduled cook date, I shop for groceries, arrive at your home with cooking equipment in-hand, and prepare entrees with side dishes, that have been customized to your specific tastes, special diet, and eating goals.

Who Needs a Personal Chef Service?
Most of my clients just love the idea of coming home to affordable, healthy, great tasting meals – without any of the fuss, and it's not just for the wealthy.  My clients are busy professionals, career-oriented singles, working couples, new moms, college students, people with special diets, or anyone else who, for any reason, feels that a personal chef can improve their lives.  Just think of coming home and knowing dinner's ready without all of the planning, shopping, cooking, pot scrubbing, and mess.

Comfort to Connoisseur
My personal chef service can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or intermittent basis.  OurFresh Weekly Service can provide you with fresh salads, dressings, and seasonal entrees.  Our Basic Service will provide you with high-quality, home-cooked meals to enjoy for 2 weeks or even a month.  These meals are stored in the freezer to be heated whenever you're ready for dinner in the comfort of your home.

I take the time to learn your individual dietary needs and food preferences.  I use this information to create delicious menus personalized to your individual tastes.  From family favorites to exotic dishes from all over the world, including vegetarian selections, I prepare them to your specific tastes and eating goals.

Dinner's Ready Personal Chef Service is perfect for the holidays, new moms, birthday gifts and celebrations, baby showers, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, corporate gifts or whom ever you would like to treat like royalty.  Dinner's Ready gift certificates can be purchased for single or multiple cooking dates.


Phone: 847-710-1020
e-mail: dinnersready1@comcast.net